Wales Quality Centre CEO awards new Green belt six sigma graduates

David Philips the outgoing CEO of the Wales Quality along with Denise Philips (Co-CEO) awarded three new Six Sigma Green belt awards to Newport Wafer Fab staff.

The six new graduates , Wiktoria Hofmanska, Declan Byrne, Mike Higgs, Mike Edwards, Edyta Potega and Gareth Davies all delivered first class presentations with the support of their mentors , Lynda Wainfur, Richard Bullock, Dennis Knight and Dr Andrew Withey.

David Philips said ‘’ I always enjoy coming to Newport Wafer Fab, year after year I am blown away by the ability of the staff’’ He added that the key aspect of successful six sigma program or any successful company is the leadership demonstrated at all levels of the organisation. He added that this aspect was one of key reasons why Newport Wafer Fab finds itself with this remarkable opportunity to catalyst the growth of the Compound semiconductor cluster for Wales and the United Kingdom

Newport Wafer Fab now has over 100 staff who have successfully completed a Wales Quality Centre six sigma course at either Black, Green or Yellow belt level. This program is cornerstone of NWF ‘S people development. Many frontline staff have started their journey to more advanced careers via the lean-sigma program

These ‘’DMAIC green belt projects’’ allow frontline technician and advanced operator staff to engage with the problem solving methods needed to deliver a complex semiconductor service. Over the past 4 years these projects have delivered in in excess of £1.6M in cost savings, while improving NWF’s customer service

Sam Evans, Director of Quality also presented to David Philips a ‘’NWF Wafer’’ to mark his and the Wales Quality Centre’s dedication to delivering Quality tools and methods under his twelve year leadership.