ESTNET Role Model Mary Curtis

Mary started working at the Newport site in 1987 as an nightshift wafer-fab inspection operator .

After five years in front line wafer production, she took the opportunity to take on roles in Customer Service and Facilities . In 1996 she successfully achieved the position of process technician supporting a group of senior engineers establishing 0.5um, and 0.35um CMOS technology for new sub-micron wafer fabrication lines. In 1997 Mary was promoted to process engineer, becoming only the second female to achieve this position in the company.

While raising a family Mary has undertaken part-time study and completed courses on statistical mathematics and mathematics at the Open University. In 2009 she was promoted to position of Technology Development engineer developing new semiconductor platforms. During this period Mary has contributed significantly to the development of a Mid-Voltage platform. .

In 2012 she received the Tech Forum’ recognition award for outstanding contribution during the development and launch of a new breakthrough 40V MOSFET platform. Along with others in the Newport team Mary has two patents pending acceptance. She is a core contributor to the Silicon and GAN R&D group, centred at the Newport site.

Today Mary is a Senior Staff Engineer transferring and developing new CS / Photonic technologies for Newport Wafer Fab. Newport Wafer Fab now employs over 25 females in engineering roles, many of which have followed Mary’s path.


ESTNET Role Model Mary Curtis