Cluster open for business

The new brand name for the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster will be introduced at Cardiff University this week.

Silicon technology has been the driving force behind today’s information society, but increasingly, demands for higher performance are reliant on advanced technologies in the form of compound semiconductors, which offer speeds more than 100 times faster, along with a wide range of photonic capabilities.

A cluster is a collection of established businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and academic institutions that work together in a particular sector and/or region. They encourage innovation through versatile and effective collaboration. The University is hosting representatives of the region’s compound semiconductor expertise to show business and academics what CS Connected has to offer, and how the cluster’s different parts can support innovation from fundamental research through to mass production.

Significant economic investments are backing a number of initiatives that can translate compound semiconductor research quickly and effectively into commercial products and services. Together, these groups are making Wales home of the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster, which could generate up to 5,000 high-value jobs.