Newport Wafer Fab Technology

Power Technologies

Discrete: Power switches. 20 -1400V Applications

IC: Intelligent power switches with inbuilt logic circuitry. 200-600V Applications

CS Compound Semiconductor: Emerging technologies via the CS Cluster. In addition to the development of GAN Medium and High Voltage applications

Extended Technologies Capability

◯ The Newport site has had a long history of process platform development ranging from mixed signal analogue, RF, Quartz, BiCMOS to other Novel technology nodes

For each category, the products run are split up into different generations of Technologies dependent on the process requirements.

Trench Mosfet

20 to 300V

◯ Low Voltage 1st generation 0.4µm CD, 20 to 40V

◯ Integrated Schottky diode

◯ Low Rg Dual Layer Metal

◯ Low Voltage Low charge and Rd-son 0.2µm CD

◯ Mid Voltage 1st gen 0.7µm CD, 40 to 300V

◯ Taiko grind process 70µm wafer thickness

◯ Solderable front metal Direct board mount

◯ Automotive Passivation

◯ Charge balance Design Dual trench

Trench IGBT

◯ U and K Type 1200V, 5.5µm trench

◯ RBSOA Robust 1200V

◯ 650V to 1400V expansion


◯ PI passivation


◯ High Current Automotive CMOS / LDMOS 0.7µm

◯ High Voltage Automotive CMOS 0.5µm, 600V

◯ Mid Voltage CMOS / LDMOS 0.4µm

◯ Higher Technology/Time (2004-2016)