PROTECTING CUSTOMERSintellectual property

One of Newport Wafer Fabs core values.

After 30+ years of Semiconductor Wafer manufacturing, more than 50 different process transfers and many 1,000’s of Designs, the Newport Wafer Fab team understands the need for Design and Process confidentiality.

As a semiconductor manufacturing services company, our customers own the technologies and products. Keeping customers IP confidential is critical for the future success of our company.



◯ Customer names, technologies and products are kept on a need to know basis

◯ Project managers are assigned to manage the process/product transfers internally, minimising overall customer contact

◯ Customers are given code names as are their projects ensuring any conversations in a more open environments are still kept confidential

◯ NWF has a very stable and experienced workforce, greatly reducing the chances of sensitive information being shared when employees move to new companies

◯ We insist on having mutual NDA’s in place with our customers. This legally ensures information provided by both our customers and ourselves, is protected