A CRITICAL COMPONENTof the semiconductor cluster

The site was originally built by INMOS in 1982. The Newport Wafer Fab has a strong legacy of technology and process development. Newport Wafer Fab was established on September 29th 2017, with a mission to become the World's first integrated Silicon and Silicon on Compound Semiconductor Foundry.

In March 2002 IR Newport was established. Newport became the principle IR R&D and manufacturing centre, launching the majority of International Rectifier's Silicon and GAN technologies.

In January 2015 Infineon acquired the site from International Rectifier. Prior to this, the NWL Foundry was established by QPL Hong Kong (ESM acquired Newport on 1999).

The Foundry clients included International Rectifier, Motorola, Samsung, STM and many fabless companies.

After establishment in 1982 by INMOS, the site was subsequently acquired by ST Microelectronics. At the time the site manufactured Fast SRAM, microprocessors and graphic products for many major OEM companies.


1982 - 1992
Establishment (IDM's)


1992 - 2002
Silicon Foundry


2002 - 2017
Power Management