A Facility foradvanced semiconductor processing

Newport Wafer Fab Technology

Current capacity is 32,000 wafer starts per month of 0.18µm and above, with an expansion capability within the existing envelope to 44,000 wafers starts per month.

The site has developed and deployed a wide range of semiconductor technologies ranging from MOSFETs / TIGBTs using wafer thinning methods to CMOS, analog and compound semiconductors.

Newport Wafer -Fab transfers MOSFET / TIGBT / Silicon Photonics processes and can develop derivatives processes and devices from initial concept/design stage through production. Initially acting as a wafer foundry (1992-2002), the site has well developed effective systems for technology transfers.

NWF 200mm Equipment Capability

Photolithography – 0.18𝜇m Capable

Furnaces - Oxide / Nitride / IS Poly / TEOS / Anneal / RTP

Etch - Si Trench / Poly / Oxide / Metal / Tungsten


PVD - AlSiCu / Pure Al / Ti / TiN / Pt

CMP - Poly / Oxide / Tungsten

Implant - Hi Current / Hi Energy / Chained / Shallow Junc

Metrology - Full range of Defect / CD / Trench / film stack

Thin Wafer Technology – TAIKO / Soldering tool set

Test - LV/MV/HV/Para testers / Auto Visual inspection & MDE

Wafer level FA Lab – FIB/EDAX/OBRICH etc

Strategic tool Acquisition - The strategic association with the CS cluster allows the acquisition of other tools types if required, with a flexible SMIF cleanroom design and a segregated finals operations clean room allowing fast install



◯ 200mm wafer-fab, test floor and office/support areas

◯ 3,644m², class 1,000 SMIF ballroom cleanroom and 3,500m² sub-fab with potential internal expansion option of 480m²

◯ Wafer fab area is supported from a structurally isolated waffle slab 900mm deep with 164x 900mm square columns supporting the waffle resulting in a BBN Class E vibration specification

◯ Insitu particle counter continually monitoring 14 zones across cleanroom area, measuring down to 0.5µm and linked to BMS (Building Management System)

◯ 745m² wafer test area with a 100m² associated die bank with potential clean-room expansion of 300m² within the existing envelope

◯ Office block of 7,200m² of high specification office space with a further 1,100m² available for expansion or clean room conversion

◯ The site is capable of further expansion with land already piled driven


◯ An 8,500m² cantilever style building, allowing uninterrupted column free spaces providing maximum internal flexibility

◯ 1,850m², class 1,000 ballroom cleanroom

◯ 5,500m² of decommissioned cleanroom area suitable for multi-purpose conversion


◯ All infrastructure designed with n+1 or n+2 redundancy to mitigate interruptions to production