What are Compound Semiconductors and how does Newport Wafer Fab fit into CS Connected?

Semiconductor processing on silicon has been used for 50+ years. Combinations of new materials from the periodic table have now been developed that:

Improve silicon performance by 50x

◯ Higher speeds

◯ Lower losses

◯ Lower battery consumption

Can be used for applications such as

◯ Light sensing and emitting across a large spectrum (photonics)

◯ RF applications

◯ Medical applications where battery life is critical

◯ Sensors

CS Connected is a cluster of Universities, R&D centres and Manufacture's supported by the Welsh and UK Governments, that offer customers bespoke solutions utilising Compound Semiconductor materials.

Newport Wafer Fab as part of CS Connected, will provide volume manufacturing services for the cluster and any customers who have developed their own solutions using Compound Semiconductors.



Standard silicon fabrication processes as well as Compound Semiconductor on Silicon processes.