A CRITICAL COMPONENTof the semiconductor cluster

Newport Wafer Fab Technology

CS Connected is the world's first compound semiconductor cluster.

CS Connected is an umbrella organization which represents organizations who are directly associated with research, development, innovation and manufacturing of compound semiconductor related technologies as well as organizations along the supply chains whose products and services are enabled by compound semiconductors.

CS Connected is a cluster of Universities, R&D centres and Manufacture's, sponsored by the Welsh and UK governments, that offer customers bespoke solutions utilising Compound Semiconductor materials.

The UK, and in particular, Wales, is home to a growing number of organizations and businesses that are active in this increasingly important industry sector. In 2015, Cardiff University announced an investment of around £75M in the Institute for Compound Semiconductors as part of its new £300M Innovation Campus.

Newport Wafer Fab as part of CS Connected, will provide volume manufacturing services for the cluster and any customers who have developed their own solutions using Compound Semiconductors

The announcement for the Institute was quickly followed by the creation of a £24M joint venture between IQE plc and Cardiff University to form the Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) for the development and prototyping of compound semiconductor materials. Hot on the heels of the launch of the CSC, came the announcement that the UK Government was to invest £50M in the first Catapult Centre in Wales that would be dedicated to the development of compound semiconductor applications.