NWF wins APCUK feasibility support

NWF is proud to have won APCUK feasibility support to analyse scale up production solutions for low carbon technologies. 

Through the Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF) 31 projects are set to benefit from £17 million of investment in feasibility studies to support the future of green manufacturing and economic recovery for the UK.

The money will support commercially led research and development of manufacturing and product scale-up for a future automotive supply chain.

Successful projects demonstrated how their study could de-risk scaling up innovative technologies across the supply chain; remove the technical or commercial challenges with electric manufacturing in the UK; support the overall aim of the ATF.

NWF and its CSconnected partners, University of Swansea and The Compound Semiconductor Centre, will study the viability of scaling up product 200mm wafer manufacture for Silicon Carbide and GaN on Silicon, semiconductor technologies which are key to the Net Zero 2050 target.

For more information see: apc.co.uk