FAST & AGILESemiconductor Production

Newport Wafer Fab Technology

The Newport Wafer Fab facility has unparalleled experience with analog/advanced power and compound semiconductor technologies.

Current capacity is 32,000 wafer starts per month of 0.18µm to 0.70µm wafers with an expansion capability within the existing envelope to 44,000 wafers starts per month.

The site has developed and deployed a wide range of semiconductor technologies ranging from MOSFETs / TIGBTs using wafer thinning methods to CMOS, analog and compound semiconductors.

NWF offers fast time to production due to Newport’s experience in ramping technologies and developing derivatives.

What are compound semiconductors?

Semiconductor processing on silicon has been used for 50+ years. Combinations of new materials from the periodic table have now been developed which have the following benefits:

Improve silicon performance by 50x
for higher speeds, lower losses and lower battery consumption.

Can be used for different applications
such as light sensing and emitting across a large spectrum (photonics), RF applications, sensors and medical applications where battery life is critical.



The facility has a strong capability in managing complex loading requirements. Products range from high-volume automotive applications to low-volume specialized end-user applications.


Newport Wafer -Fab transfers MOSFET / TIGBT / Silicon Photonics processes and can develop derivatives processes and devices from initial concept/design stage through production. Initially acting as a wafer foundry (1992-2002), the site has well developed effective systems for technology transfers.


Newport has received multiple industry awards including the United Kingdom’s NMI factory of the year and the EEF Environmental Achievement Award, EFF Energy UK Award and numerous ESTNET Awards for Engineering talent.